New lensing runs

This directory contains simulated weak lensing maps made from ray tracing through N-body simulations of structure formation using the method of White & Vale (2004; Astroparticle Physics 22(2004)19, astro-ph/0312133). These simulations evolved 2563 equal mass dark matter particles from z=50 to the present in a periodic, cubical box of side length 200Mpc/h. Data were dumped every 50Mpc/h along the line of sight, starting from z=4. The ray tracing was done at 20482 resolution with a single plane per output and the resulting maps were downsampled to 10242 pixels.

Basic data

The basic data consists of a series of maps for 2 cosmological models, each with two realizations. All of the files are in fits format and contain arrays of convergence and the two components of the (reduced) shear covering a 3x3 degree field of view. The file naming convention is as follows: shear.[model].[map].[src].fits where Each FITS file contains the data for one field in a 3xNxN array where N=1024 pixels and the convergence map is the first NxN array, the first (reduced) shear component is the second NxN array and the second shear component is the third array. Further information is in the FITS header for each file.

To simplify downloads and file management, maps have been grouped into tar files.

Model OmegaM w h n sig8

Parameters for the models run.
For each cosmological model two independent sets of initial conditions are generated. All models are spatially flat, so Omega_de=1-OmegaM. For all models the baryon density OmegaBh^2=0.0224 -- our results are very insensitive to this choice. All models have power-law spectra (no running) with index n and the dark energy has a constant equation of state w.

Index of Data

NameSize (MB)Last modified
shear.021.01.tar 1922006/10/03
shear.021.02.tar 1922006/10/03
shear.021.03.tar 1922006/10/03
shear.021.04.tar 1922006/10/03
shear.022.01.tar 1922006/10/03
shear.022.02.tar 1922006/10/03
shear.022.03.tar 1922006/10/03
shear.022.04.tar 1922006/10/03
shear.023.01.tar 1922006/10/03
shear.023.02.tar 1922006/10/03
shear.023.03.tar 1922006/10/03
shear.023.04.tar 1922006/10/03
shear.024.01.tar 1922006/10/03
shear.024.02.tar 1922006/10/03
shear.024.03.tar 1922006/10/03
shear.024.04.tar 1922006/10/03

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