High resolution maps

This directory contains simulated weak lensing maps made from ray tracing through N-body simulations of structure formation.

Basic data

The basic data consists of a series of maps for our model which is of the spatially flat Lambda CDM family with an almost scale-invariant initial power spectrum. The matter density is 30% of the critical density and the baryon density is 4% of critical. We assume the Hubble constant is 70km/s/Mpc and the normalization has sigma8=0.9.

The simulation uses a 128Mpc/h cubical box with 512^3 equal mass particles. The force softening was of the spline form with a Plummer equivalent epsilon of 9kpc/h (constant in comoving coordinates). The full phase space distribution was dumped every 128Mpc/h along the line-of-sight. The ray tracing was done at 2048^2 resolution with a single plane per output and the resulting maps were downsampled to 1024^2 pixels.

All of the files are in FITS format. The first set contain arrays of two shear components and convergences covering a 2x2 degree field of view. Each FITS file contains the data for one field in a 3xNxN array where N=1024 pixels. Further information is in the FITS header for each file which are named shear.??.??.fits. The maps have been made for a source redshift distributions with mean 1 and distribution z^2 Exp[-(z/z0)^2]. Additional kappa maps for selected (delta function) source redshifts are also available in the files kappa.??.???.fits.

Index of Lensing/HighRes

NameSize (MB)Last modified
checksum_24Aug06.dat 02006/08/24
kappa.01.017.fits 42006/03/09
kappa.01.023.fits 42006/03/09
kappa.01.027.fits 42006/03/09
kappa.02.017.fits 42006/03/09
kappa.02.023.fits 42006/03/09
kappa.02.027.fits 42006/03/09
kappa.03.017.fits 42006/03/09
kappa.03.023.fits 42006/03/09
kappa.03.027.fits 42006/03/09
kappa.04.017.fits 42006/03/09
kappa.04.023.fits 42006/03/09
kappa.04.027.fits 42006/03/09
shear.01.01.fits 122006/03/05
shear.02.01.fits 122006/03/05
shear.03.01.fits 122006/03/05
shear.04.01.fits 122006/03/05

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