Convolution Lagrangian Perturbation Theory

The links below provide a tar-ball and README file for CLPT, a C++ code written by Lile Wang to compute predictions for the halo and matter clustering using Convolution Lagrangian Perturbation Theory; described in Carlson, Reid & White [MNRAS 429(2013)1674, arxiv:1209:0780]. It also has extensions for the Gaussian streaming model, described in described in Reid & White [MNRAS 417(2013)1913, arxiv:1105:4165] and Wang, Reid & White [MNRAS 437(2014)588, arxiv:1306:1804]

GIThub repository

This package was developed with partial support from the NSF.


Convolution Lagrangian Effective Field Theory - Gaussian Streaming Model

This code implements the Gaussian Streaming Model using components from Convolution Lagrangian Effective Field Theory as described in

Z.Vlah, E.Castorina, M.White
The Gaussian streaming model and Convolution Lagrangian effective field theory,
JCAP 12(2016)007, []

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