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These simulations were described and used in White et al. (2010; ApJ 713, 383; arxiv:0911.5341).

This directory contains mock LyA spectrum data generated for the purposes of testing IGM BAO. In all 9 particle mesh simulations were run, each using 40003 particles and a 40003 mesh in a periodic cube 750Mpc/h on a side. The cosmology was a standard LCDM model with OmegaM=0.25, Lambda=0.75, h=0.72, n=0.97 and sigma8=0.8.

The data were dumped at z=2.76, 2.51 and 2.37 and 2.25. Density and velocity fields generated from the particle positions and velocities along 22,500 (randomly spaced) lines-of-sight using a spline kernel interpolation with an outer length of 325kpc/h (comoving). The effective smoothing was 100kpc/h, which resolves much of the structure of interest for BAO. The small-scale power spectrum and flux PDF are in reasonable (though not perfect) agreement with observations of high-resolution, high S/N quasar spectra.

For each line-of-sight the fluctuating Gunn-Peterson approximation (FGPA) was used to generate skewers of optical depth. We assumed a temperature at mean density of 2x104K and an equation of state gamma=0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 (though other choices are possible). The optical depth included thermal broadening (assumed Gaussian). The file naming convention contains the value of the scale factor, temperature at mean density (in K), and equation of state parameter, gamma. The format of the files is identical to that of the Franklin runs, so the scripts provided there will work here also.

The positions of the skewers are given in files ending in .pos, which is a flat binary file. The first entry is a single 4-byte integer containing the number of skewers, then there are Nskewer 4-byte floats containing the first coordinate of each skewer, followed by Nskewer 4-byte floats containing the second coordinate of each skewer. The coordinates are stored in units of the box size, so that they run from [0,1) in each dimension.

There are also some older/smaller simulations at this URL which may be useful for some purposes and the data from Slosar et al. (2009; JCAP 10, 19; arxiv:0906.2414) at this URL.

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